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A little about the construction of suburban frame houses

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In recent years, the construction of suburban frame houses has significantly gained momentum. This is a relatively cheap way to build an excellent, beautiful and warm house that will be durable and bring a lot of joy to you and your children. At the same time, the construction of such a house requires much less money, effort and time than the construction of houses from the beam.

Appearance and increase the demand for projects of frame houses a large number of offers in this market segment. Building companies participating in the construction of Fakhwerk houses, offering a wide range of services, from design to the delivery of a wooden house “turnkey house”. The use of the technology of frame construction of a number of advantages that are visible only in operation finished houses, and only saw at the beginning of construction.

The proposal provides for the construction of Fakhver houses with walls with an effective insulation of mineral wool, which provides heat to save. Thermal conductivity of the material is much lower than the brick construction and concrete. Thus, the fachwrite houses are cool in summer and warm in winter, even in severe frosts (and, therefore, heating costs less).

Another useful feature is high isolation, to achieve higher heating is called.

Frame technology projects of wooden houses are carried out for a short time. The installation itself can last an average of about two weeks after childbirth is ready for the wall of the building of the panels and supporting structures. Actual construction can begin and end in any weather all year round.

For installation work at the house of assembly frames, it is not necessary to collect lands of heavy construction equipment, such as structural components easily.

The finish of the surfaces of frame panels is much less time to complete compared to brick and concrete plates.

The total cost of the entire construction of wooden houses is relatively low in connection with a reduction in labor costs during the meeting of the house, because the cost of laying the foundations (the weight of the structure is small enough), by reducing labor and time, decoration decorators. As a rule, projects of frame houses have pages with price lists for all types of work and materials for the project.

High quality construction work, the use of high -quality wood (with thorough processing and impregnation), with Canadian and Finnish technology ensures the stability of built wooden frame houses (service life up to 50 years).

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