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DAO Mansion project: building a villa and creating a digital infrastructure for a comfortable existence for all participants

by buma888

The DAO Mansion project involves the construction of a villa and the formation of a digital infrastructure so that all members of the community are provided with the most comfortable conditions.

This project is based on DAO principles. The DAO Mansion project is based on an open model of society that operates on the principles of blockchain.


The use of blockchain principles for the implementation of the project allows you to minimize the number of manipulations. As a result, a unique model of society should be created, in which there are no such negative phenomena as blackmail and lies. In addition, it creates its own microeconomic model.

The objectives of the project may be different at different stages of its implementation:

  1. Creation of an effective decentralized application.
  2. Construction of a villa according to the principles of DAO.
  3. Adding an internal token to Binance.

This project is based on the unique concept of the information society Web 3.0. The progressive society created in this way must combine economic and social benefits.

Features of the decentralized application

To monetize the villa, services will be sold using a special application. Through it, users will be able to easily transfer cryptocurrency to accounts, as well as its subsequent withdrawal. Each user will be able to access any aspect of the DAO Mansion project. Among the commercial functions of the DAO Mansion project are the following:

  1. Rooms for guests can be rented by the day. The rental of parking spaces is carried out by the hour. Sauna rental is possible with minute details.
  2. You can purchase wine with the function of automatic delivery to the room.
  3. In order to heat up the sauna more strongly, it will be possible to purchase additional energy to heat the water in the pool, which is paid separately.
  4. Spot trading will be implemented in the room so that customers can purchase exclusive lots.

Social Graph

The category of people who are the core of the community get the right to hold parties in the villa without receiving tokens for this and without booking rooms. Now there are several members in the community. Relations between members of communities can be competitive, partnership or sexual. Participants can be added to the social graph or removed from there by voting. Invitations are used to establish connections between participants.

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