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A little about the general cleaning of the apartment

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General cleaning – deep cleaning of the room that includes washing doors and windows. It is recommended to conduct it at least two to three times a year.

What the general cleaning includes?

One -time cleaning should include cleaning:

bathrooms, showers and toilets;

kitchens and dining room;

residential premises and corridors;

frames, window sills, doors and windows.

About furniture

It is necessary to clean not only rooms, but also interior items. For example, you can order dry cleaning of upholstered furniture here. In addition, usually the cleaning company is equipped with good equipment, which allows you to clean even leather products without damage. If you decide to clean your yourself, it is important to purchase all cleaners in advance (they should be expensive and high -quality so that they do not accidentally spoil the upholstery).

It is best to wipe leather products only with a dry rag, since genuine leather does not tolerate moisture. Uap furniture should only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, since only in this way can you really remove dust.

Wooden, varnish and polished surfaces must be cleaned with a flannel rag, but it must be moistened in advance with dust.

As for the velvet and velor surface, it cannot be cleaned with a rag or vacuumed. You can only wipe it.

Mattresses or pillows are best knocked out. If the room is small, and it is impossible to take out the laundry into the street, then you can simply wrap it with wet rags, since they will actively absorb dust.

Cleaning independently or with the help of professionals?

You can only cope with small pollutions yourself. If you have not been cleaned for a very long time, with difficult spots you can only deal with the help of professionals. You can order high -quality general cleaning of apartments here.

Sometimes dangerous pollution, for example, mold or fungus, even appear in the apartment, which can only be removed using special detergents. If you need general cleaning of apartments, then here you will quickly provide this service. It is usually required to indicate what types of work it is necessary to carry out, however, if you are at a loss, the specialists will come and inspect the front of the work already in fact.

Another minus of independent cleaning is harm to health: cleaning products harm the skin in large quantities, and aerosols are easy.

The main plus of independent general cleaning is cash savings. However, think about whether it is worth the lost free time, since you need a lot of time for clining.

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