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A little about the price and values ​​of the galbed log

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The construction of houses from the gallected log is becoming more and more popular today, and there are a number of objective reasons for this. Firstly, such building structures are distinguished by excellent reliability and durability, coupled with traditional excellent heat – and soundproofing properties. Secondly, the buildings made of galinded logs have a magnificent appearance that does not require any additional finish and, literally, filled with natural natural motifs that perfectly fit the functional purpose of a country house.

Meanwhile, this building material cannot be classified as expensive. Of course, external attractiveness, magnificent technical characteristics, certain costs for the production of a looped log make its cost more significant compared to traditional analogues and many other lumber, but…

Before drawing the conclusions regarding the cost of a galinded log, subtract the cost of processing ordinary logs from it, for example, from knots and irregularities, consider the prices of special compositions, the processing of which is necessary for ordinary wood to create appropriate characteristics of moisture resistance and the ability to withstand temperature extremes. In addition, take away the cost of hotel, heat – and soundproofing materials, which, in the case of the use of a looped log, become unnecessary.

What do you think, given all of the above, whether the prices for a looped log can be considered high? Most likely, no! And in order not to be unfounded, we suggest you get acquainted with the price list of prices for a gallery log, which the Greenwood company represents on its website – Production and sale of high -quality lumber at an affordable price, we note, is its specialization.

The log of the log is considered one of the most popular materials used for the construction of wooden houses. Excellent technical characteristics and the magnificent appearance of this building material are known to many inhabitants, who, however, are scared away by prices for a looped log. However, if you correlate the cost of this material, with the lack of need to put up with additional costs associated with the final finish, heat and sound insulation measures, prices for a looped log are presented very affordable for many categories of the population.

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