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Air conditioners and harsh Russian winter: we understand together

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There are many opinions about the work of air conditioners in the cold season: from frankly negative, to enthusiastic. Let’s try to understand this issue. If we talk about the very idea of ​​creating and operating these devices, then heating with their help seems impossible. Initially, manufacturers set the task to cool the air indoors. A few years ago, the use of any air conditioning system for heating specialists simply did not mean. With the advent of new developments, this became not just possible, but sometimes even necessary.

Which air conditioners to choose for winter?

Consumers today are offered a large selection of air conditioners. Depending on your needs, consultants will tell you which attention to pay attention to. The suitable model is determined by the area of ​​the room and the number of rooms in it. It is important to know the targeted use of the device: at home, in a retail outlet or office, in an industrial workshop or in a department with a large number of equipment. You also need to take into account the price range. The ratio of cost and quality, as well as the fulfillment by the device for the requirements for its work should be adequate. Who leads the air conditioning rating? The one that will work perfectly in the summer!

And what to do for those who want to use the air conditioner in the winter to heat the room? Install new models that can do this. There are several options that will help you:

inverter models;

split systems designed taking into account work in winter;

Installation of a special winter kit for already working models.

In order to choose the best option, you can consult specialists on the site, or figure out yourself to understand the difference between different options for heating the room using air conditioning.

Inverter devices work more efficiently due to a specially installed mechanism. It allows the device not to disconnect when the desired temperature is reached, while switching to low power, and maintain a given mode even in the cold season.

Split systems in which the heating function is provided, operate on the basis of increasing the temperature of the freon, it heats the cold air coming from the street even with 25 degrees of frost. The winter kit involves heating the compressor, drainage and control of the rotation speed of the fan blades. This allows you to use the device in the cold season, but the effectiveness of such improvements is not too large – three times less than when working in warm weather.

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