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Bat restoration, bulk bath, bath in the bath.

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Nowadays, no citizen can present his apartment without a bathroom. Its central object, of course, is a bath. Even the most avid bathhore, uses it for its intended purpose. Like all material, plumbing is not eternal. Operated under the conditions of the temperature difference, constant humidity and under the influence of chemicals, the enamel on the bath wears out: loses its original whiteness, covered with a mesh of microcracks, sometimes chips. Not to mention the aesthetic component, the damage of enamel causes certain inconvenience in the commission of hygienic procedures. The question arises about replacing the bath. This event is not only expensive, but also troublesome. In the process of replacement, you often have to make a full repair – change the tile, etc. P. How to avoid unnecessary costs?

The development of modern technologies allows you to extend the life of your bath for more than one year. There are several ways: enameling, installing an liner from acrylic and surface coating with liquid acrylic. Each of them has its own advantages. Whatever you choose, the main thing is not to try to save, resorting to the services of dubious “specialists”. There are enough professionals in the services market who will carry out restoration work, strictly observing the technology of work and using quality materials. How to find a real specialist? Go to the site – here you can order any of the methods of restoration of coating. It remains to decide on the choice.

Enameling (in fact, stained enamel) is suitable for those who are going to rent housing or plans to make a complete repair of the bathroom with a replacement of plumbing over time. This coating will serve only a few years, but it will cost relatively cheaply. When applying a high -quality enamel by an experienced specialist, an updated bath will be beautiful, smooth and comfortable.

Coating with modern polymer material, acrylic, will cost twice as much as. A thick layer of durable acrylic, giving the product a beautiful, glossy look. It has high wear resistance and will serve you for a long time. The work will take 2-3 hours and after 2-4 days (depending on the material), the “new thing” can be used.

Acrylic liner is equivalent to the complete replacement of the bath. Such inserts are selected strictly under the design of the old bath. The cost of work is quite high, but also the life of at least 10 years. Without dismantling and accompanying the repair of premises, in a few hours you will gain plumbing, not inferior to the quality and appearance of the new.

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