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Bath and sauna stoves – the heart of the steam room!

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It’s no secret that they go to the bathhouse not only to cleanse the body from dirt. A modern bathhouse is also an excellent tool for raising the mood, a surge of vitality and energy, to improve health and body. Many people visit the bathhouse then to just spend time in a pleasant fun company. And even more enterprising citizens of our country are building a bath or sauna within their own home, cottage, cottage.

Any bath and sauna certainly implies heat in the room and its maintenance for a long period of time. Therefore, the basis of bath construction is always a stove. High -quality stoves for baths and saunas contribute to the influx of aromatic hot steam, which effectively affects the entire body, having an anti -aging and healing effect on it.

The market today offers a variety of stoves for the sauna and for the bathhouse. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Domestic bath buildings are characterized by the use of stoves-stoves, easily allowing to achieve a balance between moisture and temperature. Kamenki stoves are open and closed type. The former allow you to heat the room very quickly, and therefore do not need a large amount of fuel, but at the same time they cool much faster. The latter, on the contrary, warm up longer and require more fuel, but retain the temperature longer. Иногда тепло при использовании каменок закрытого типа сохраняется даже несколько дней! Which option is attractive to you – to solve only you.

The function of ensuring the premises of a bath or sauna steam for the furnace is by no means the only. This is also an integral element of jewelry of bath construction. Therefore, it is very important to competently approach the furnace decoration. The choice of finishing materials is very wide – soap/potted stone, steat, etc. D.

The steam generator is almost a full -fledged replacement of the furnace. Its use is quite acceptable and in apartment conditions. In the apartment, many often use the infrared cabin.

The operation of this equipment allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the bath. So, for example, with the help of a steam generator, a Turkish bath is created, and when it combines it with a stove, Russian. Both that and other baths will help you completely relax after a difficult working day and restore your strength. Do not forget to only choose the right steam generator power in accordance with the area of ​​the room where it will be installed in the future.

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