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Building a Russian bath is not easy. It is the prevention of many diseases, and is very useful with its right visit. A bathhouse built of logs is a fire hazardous object. Therefore, when building, certain rules should be followed. The bathhouse should be at a distance of about 15 meters from other buildings. In case of fire in the bath, there must be a fire extinguisher. The construction of the bath begins with the choice of the place and laying the foundation, its design depends on the condition of the soil, and the size on the size of the bath itself. The entrance to it should be from the south side. You can also make a small terrace at the entrance. There should not be sockets and switches in the steam room, all wiring should be in a fire -retardant and waterproof shell. Type of baths choose to your taste. The Finnish sauna is for those who love dishes, and a hotter, Turkish for those who prefer more comfortable, or – a classic Russian bathhouse. Everything is united by such a thing as “light steam”. Easy is called such steam in which you feel great. For the construction of a Russian bath, dry logs and coniferous beams (cedar, pine, spruce), which were prepared in winter, are perfect for the construction of a Russian bathhouse. The lower part should be placed from solid wood rocks. External and interior decoration for such a bathhouse is not required. We offer you the construction of a turnkey bathhouse, we will advise about the type of bath, also from which material it is better to build it, and we will provide a detailed plan for your future bath, the cost of its construction and terms. We are a construction company Diart.

Two -story baths today are already surprised by few. If you have a large family, and you like the bathhouse, then the two -story room is for you, a rest room or even a room for living can be located on the second floor, which will be very convenient. Also on the second floor of the bath you can equip a billiard room.

Two -story will be convenient for a small summer cottage. Such baths are the most ideal place for a country holiday. When choosing a bath for a bath, you should take into account the size of the bath, the stove’s power should be enough to heed the entire bath and heat a large amount of water, while all this should be compact. Now there are many devices for the bath, dousing devices, parking lots, as well as wood buckets, caps, hats, mittens, robes, kilts and various tablets of bath topics. Often, the bathhouse uses fragrant essential oils.

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