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Building and repair of the bathhouse

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For the construction and repair of the premises, the baths choose a very unusual project with a bay window and a complex roof design. Everything is provided here: and a convenient steam room, and a large -bearing and cozy, with a high ceiling, a rest room located in the bay part of the building.

The foundation for its construction with a height of 400 mm was made with a pile with a grillage and with a slope of piles for 1.8 m. A sand pillow was poured under the grillage of 300 mm. The bathhouse is collected using the same technology as the gazebo.

Four windows were designed in the bay window of the building at once: one at a time on each of the faces of the bayer and one – at the top, so the rest room that will be located here will be literally filled with light. There is also a window in the steam room – very small, but for ventilation sufficient.

Particular attention when erecting a bath paid a roof, which is a complex stepped structure. Installation and decoration of the rafter structure is carried out in accordance with the plan. The door to the steam room is made of heat -resistant glass. In the wasching, water drainage and special waterproofing of the floor were provided.

So, for a month and a half, the plot, reminiscent of the owners exclusively about summer chores, since the greenhouse rose in the foreground and ran in different directions of the ranks of the beds, was transformed beyond recognition. On a tiny free pill, the earth managed to place the land without spoiling the appearance of the site, two functional buildings at once: a bath and a gazebo.

The frame technology used in the construction of objects was not chosen by chance. Firstly, the buildings turned out to be warm, so in the gazebo you can rest not only in the summer, but also in winter, and the necessary heat will be provided in the bathhouse.

Secondly, the builders of Stroy-Studia managed to realize the most unexpected architectural plans, so for the noble facade of the resulting “mini-tower” you can hardly guess the usual bathhouse. Well, and thirdly, there was no need to wait for the shrinkage, but immediately after the end of the construction, arrange a bath day, “wash” the new buildings in the literal sense of the word.

For the interior decoration of the bath, the lining was used. A bath oven was installed in the steam room on a special base made of CSP (cement-stove), and a reflecting screen was installed on the wall behind the stove. In order for firewood to be placed from a rest room, maintaining the necessary temperature in the steam room and at the same time a heated rest room, a brick of the firebox through the wall is displayed into the bay window.

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