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Ceiling in the bedroom – which is better

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What ceiling for a bedroom to choose? The answer is simple: any. There are no special recommendations to the ceiling in the bedroom. In the kitchen, for example, the ceiling should be such that it can be done if you need to wash or paint. In the bath and bathroom, it is best to build the ceiling resistant to moisture. In the bedroom, the ceiling is not subjected to some aggressive influences, and therefore it can be made of any materials. But the ceiling design must be selected in the need for the image of the bedroom, its layout, the characteristics of the decor and, of course, your taste.

The ceiling in the sleeping room will help to solve such problems as highlighting, separation, subject content, etc. When choosing a ceiling design, it is necessary to form whether he will take part in the design or his destiny – to be an inconspicuous component.

So let’s look at various types of ceilings for the bedroom.

Traditional minimalist ceiling in the bedroom

This is mainly a white ceiling canvas – completely smooth or with two tiers. The second tier in most cases is located around the perimeter and equipped with illumination. The center can be tightened with a plain matte or glossy canvas (stretch ceiling).

Such an ordinary ceiling is suitable for absolutely any bedroom, regardless of its design, color, style.

This is a great solution if bright colors, colorful ornaments, intricate shapes or other remarkable details are used in the decor or decoration of the bedroom. If you complicate the ceiling as well, you can overdo it – the room will turn out ugly. You can order a stretch ceiling of this type in a construction company that specializes in this.

Ceiling structures for highlighting and zoning

The placement of the ceiling element is not on the entire plane or ceiling perimeter, but only in one part of it, makes it possible to visually mark some section of the room. Very often, with the help of the ceiling, the bedroom zone is marked. This is the hinged design of the ceiling above the bed or isolation with color.

In addition to the bedroom, the rest of the territories can be emphasized. For example, a certain decoration of the ceiling can be separated by a plot in the so -called “territory of beauty”, in other words above the toilet table. The zone for work located in the sleeping room also also zone.

The meaning of the reception is to divide the space and, thanks to this, add organization to the sleeping interior.

Ceiling in the bedroom – photo

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