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Closed health damage

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Trying to change the climate at least at a micro level in your house, office or apartment, many often forget that fresh air should in any case fall into the room. In closed rooms there is a strong decrease in air quality due to different contaminants. These sources of pollution include household chemicals and bacteria, soot or tobacco smoke, fungi and viruses, as well as other harmful organisms for humans.

Aerions of oxygen are very important for the human body, and household appliances eat them. The number of these elements in the air is significantly reduced, which can lead to the appearance of different serious diseases of those who have long been in the limiting rooms. For example, among such serious diseases, allergies, bronchial asthma, metabolism and many others. That is why for closed premises there are special air conditioners who are designed to minimize all the harm of such a room. If the room is on the lower floors, then the radioactive radon, which accumulates in this area, negatively affects its visitors. You can’t do without an ionizer.

Mitsubishi Electric produces air conditioners with a wide selection of additional functions. One of them is air purification of bacteria, microbes, allergens. By 99%, air conditioning is able to clean the air masses of bacteria, and by 94% from allergens. Almost all the latest models from Mitsubishi Electric, who have an antioxidant engine, have such abilities.

Another problem that the air conditioners of this brand can solve the following. The air in the room is 4-6 times more than the dirt than the external. Air toxicity in a closed room is 8-10 times higher than on the street. Being a long time in such rooms, you can cause irreparable harm to your body. This problem can solve not only air purification, but also partial mixing of outdoor air into the room. Some climatic technique has such unique abilities. Air ionization allows you to solve the problem of air pollution.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning functions do not end only in air purification. Thanks to reasonable technologies, a decrease in expenses is observed. Almost every consumer who will install the air conditioner of the last model notes that energy consumption by a new household item is much less than before.

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