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Crushed stone – properties and application

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Crushed stone is a building material that is mined by crushing rocks on fractions of more than 5 mm in diameter. This material is standardized by GOST 8267-93 and is used in all areas of construction.

Property properties

Crushed stone has high strength and frost resistance, as well as the ideal properties of water supply and water absorption. But at the same time, crushed stone can have a different degree of radioactivity. Crushed stone is also divided according to fractions and bream, each of the characteristics has its own application, therefore, to determine the desired crushed stone, it is required to consider all the characteristics in more detail.


Fractions – separation of crushed stone grains of their size. Several fractions are distinguished from grains with a size of 0.5-1 cm to 12-15 cm. Each fraction finds its application in construction, although the use of such sizes as 1-1.5 cm, 1.5-2 cm, 8-12 cm and 12-15 cm is quite limited. For example, the crushed stone faction 5 20 price for which is available, is popular.


Another important characteristic of crushed stone is its flash. Particles of crushed stone can have a different shape, in some cases the length of the grain is several times less or more than its width and height. According to the degree of breeding, crushed stone is divided into 4 groups:

– less than 15% of flat grains – a cuboid shape;

– up to 25% of flat grains – an improved group;

– 25 – 30% – a regular group of the first level;

– more than 35% – a regular group of the second level.

It is breastiness that is the main factor when choosing crushed stone for construction. Too much percentage of flat stones can lead to the formation of voids and as a result of a higher consumption of the binder – solution. Therefore, the construction with the use of crushed stone with high breastiness entails additional expenses. The most rational is the use of cuboid stone.

Frost resistance

The characteristic that indicates the maximum amount by the cycle of frost and thawing, which can withstand the grain. Marked with the letter f. Distinguish between frost -resistant crushed stone from F = 15 to F = 500. In construction for capital structures, mainly gravel of the brand F = 500 is used.


High-quality gravel is always accompanied by a sanitary and epidemiological certificate that allows you to use it in construction. There are two types of stone – the first class with a radioactivity of less than 370 BKCG.

Crushed stone has been used in construction for a long time due to its unique properties. For each construction, it is worth selecting the fraction and the brand of crushed stone individually.

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