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Delicate moving – wrapping paper

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Everyone faces when it is necessary to move from one apartment to another, from one city to another. This is one of the difficult tasks that can be easily solved if you know all the nuances. In this article, we will describe for you the features of the move and how to pack all things and pack in order to deliver everything safe and sound.

Packing things

Boxes are used to pack dishes, clothes and other supplies. Paper can wrap dishes. But doors and furniture drawers are recommended to be blinded with adhesive tape or packing tape. All these accessories can be bought, who provides moving services. These services are provided by outsourcing companies. Outsourcing services – labor leasing.

For example, g. Ufa is a city, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan with a population of more than 1 million people, these services are quite in demand here. All because it will be much longer and more costly to attract loaders – assistants, freight transport.

Transport companies

In most services of loaders, a cargo taxi in the city. Ufa is provided by several companies. Companies also have packaging material.

Packing material cost:

Boxes from 100 rubles,

Bags from 50 rubles,

Scotch tape with dispenser 50 rubles.

How to save

It is enough to buy bags for a volume of 150 liters. Bags can hold a lot of clothes and other items.

Boxes to take in the store. Put the dishes there, wrapping the dishes with newspaper in advance.

Buy a marker and construction tape in the store. A marker will need to mark where everything is. Adhesive tape will be needed for pasting drawers and furniture doors.

Before the arrival of freight transport, take out all things near the entrance. Since it will take time for the proper location of all household items.

On the cost of services outsourcing companies

Call in Ufa Gazelle and 2 loaders will cost 650 rubles in at least 1 hour. Cargo taxi – 350 rubles, 1 hour of the loader 150 rubles.

Do not think that it is expensive. It’s comfortable! After all, you need to take into account the entrance by car – the feed time, fees. These are the current “Timurov” who also want to eat and have pocket money.

In most cases, the move is not cost cheaper than 500 rubles. Since in 1 hour it is unrealistic to move with furniture in such a big city. Length of. Ufa – 53 km. If you yourself were gathered and at the same time ordered a gazelle and support of your neighbors, it would turn out to be much more difficult and more costly – health should be protected.

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