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Entrance steel doors

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Doors open, doors close. Opening to those we are waiting for and closing to those who should not be present in our home. Doors play one of the most important roles in home comfort, peace and security. Anticipating the entrance to the home, they protect from negative energy flows and vice versa let in positive energy. That’s why you need to choose entrance doors responsibly and carefully. doors – This is the line between the world external and internal, and it should be powerful. Entrance steel doors from a quality manufacturer may well become such a garni.

It is customary to classify steel entrance doors according to two main criteria: the country of manufacture, the quality of assembly and construction itself. If everything is clear with the first criterion: foreign production of the door does not guarantee its quality, then the second sign deserves additional discussion.

Modern mankind knows 4 classes of steel entrance doors, before buying it’s time to figure out who is who.

So, by economy class they mean «disposable doors», for temporary use. They do not have noise and heat insulation. The middle class of doors is an average set of aesthetic and functional properties. Such doors have a layer of insulation and sealant, and they are also much more aesthetically pleasing than economy class doors.

Elite metal doors – This is exactly the category that will most likely interest you. Both foreign and domestic manufacturers seek to make doors from natural source materials, and internal mechanisms – These are the latest developments. Anti -converting devices, a fortified frame – These doors are especially protected from external invasions.

Finally, armored steel doors – These are doors in which the thickness of the iron sheet is about 6-7 mm. Recently, they are beginning to be in particular demand.

Doors from the company «Metcon» – comply with all world quality and classification standards. If you want to paint or protect your home, choose the door steel doors to this particular company: a decent price and high quality, only the latest technologies and the most exquisite design solutions – These are the doors from «Metcon»!

Notice another detail so that the doors are really protected from external intrusions, trust the installation of doors to professionals, specialists from «Metcon» not only help to pick up, but also install the door so that the mosquito will not flow!

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