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Features of application and classification of roar

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Rumble is not always a loud noise that occurs after some phenomenon. The roar is called a special technique designed to mechanical sorting certain bulk elements. Such a device has at its disposal an appropriate vibration sieve, with which there is a separation of different bulk and lump materials for very small and minor particles of various sizes. This sieve has certain calibrated holes. Its name “roar” this device has gained the sound characterized by the sound. The first vibrations were launched into production in the 20s of the last century in the United States. Initially, they were used in the oil industry, where two directions for the implementation of gross cleaning of the drilling mortar arising from the well, which included drum separators and vibration sieves, began to develop at the same time.

The scope of the use of modern roar is quite extensive. The roar is used not only to divide the rocks into fractions, but also for dehydration of washed ores and enriched coals. The performance of such devices is quite large, which is guaranteed due to the significant area of ​​their sieve. Such sorting equipment is systematized as the type of working plane, so according to the specifics of the working part, as well as the location of the surface of its sifting.

The shape of the functioning organ allows you to divide the roar into:

• motionless;

• hydraulic systems, under the pressure of the liquid, moving materials;

• partially mobile;

• spinning in the rotating sphere of separation;

• smooth-moving, in which the sifting surface completely vibrates.

The working plane of the roar also has a distinctive feature. The roar of an even working surface is divided into small -maneuverable, maneuverable, mobile and from a hydraulic system, with a ram shaft (spinning), as well as arched. The specifics of application makes it possible to divide these devices into corner, as well as parallel to sort the plane. Flat roar are divided into eccentric and inertial. At the same time, such devices can be divided into types such as GIS, GIL and GIT of the roar. Today, imported Terex finlays can be freely purchased in Russia from the official distributors of the specified company. The scope of their use is quite wide, but first of all, they are designed for the extraction and crushing of rocks, asphalt processing and recycling. This is that the Terex – Finlay devices from their competitors significantly distinguishes.

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