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Features of European refrigerators

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In the design and design of refrigeration equipment, depending on the country or region of its manufacturer, there are differences that are largely due to national, climatic and other features. For the size of refrigerators and freezers, for example, the features of residential premises, characteristic of specific regions, can quite strongly affect.

Experts also believe that household appliances, including refrigerators, reflects both the achievements of technological progress, and what the well -being of the country of the country of the manufacturer of this technique. Let’s talk about refrigerators from Europe.

Most models of manufacturers of household appliances from Italy, Denmark, Germany or Slovenia provide the installation of refrigerators in the kitchen of a small size. For example, you can buy Indesit refrigerators with a width and depth of not more than sixty centimeters and up to two meters high. European companies produce more compact models of refrigerators and freezers, the width of which is about forty -five centimeters.

The vast majority of European manufacturers in the market of household refrigeration equipment are represented by two -chamber models. Freezing and refrigerator chambers in two -chamber refrigerators are above the other. Two-chamber refrigerators with the lower location of the freezer are more popular due to its larger capacity. In recent years, Europeans, especially the Scandinavians and Germans, also produce models of the Side Side refrigerators, with the location of the refrigerator chamber to the right of the freezer.

Particular attention in the production of refrigeration equipment by European companies is paid to environmental aspects. Among the most environmentally friendly units in the refrigerated equipment market are Gorenje refrigerators, reviews of which are only positive.

European refrigerators differ from their Japanese, Korean and American counterparts and in normative indicators, while the actual consumption of electricity is almost the same.

Household refrigeration equipment is more consistent with the national culture of life and the characteristics of the national cuisine of the country of its manufacturer. German refrigerator Liebherr, Slovenian Gorenje or Danish freezer Vestfrost can be distinguished from American or Asian samples not only in design, but also in characteristic design.

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