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Features of the installation and operation of the air conditioner

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Clean air and comfortable temperature at any time of the year is the merit of the air conditioner. However, in order for this “person’s friend” to not cause problems and complaints later, its installation and operation should be taken seriously. Given the fact that the air conditioners are put in the room for a long time, in fact – for several years, or even more, do not stir up to carry out its installation once correctly. The first and, perhaps, the main rule can be formulated as follows: reliable installation and installation of climate technology with a guarantee is a matter exclusively for professionals. You can argue that ordinary people can have a sufficient set of skills in order to qualitatively do such a job, however, in case of preference to the services of specialists, there is one significant “but”: a specialized company provides a guarantee that will save the client for a lot of time and funds. When examining the living space, experienced masters will determine not only the optimal place of installation of the air conditioner, but also take into account all kinds of layouts (for example, they will help to avoid unpleasant vibration of the air conditioner, additional noise, calculate the desired height to the ceiling.

Before making the purchase of the air conditioner, be sure to ask its technical characteristics, a list of functions, and the basics of work. This is necessary so that you can do your own and, in which case, determine that something is wrong with it.

Speaking about the features of the operation of air conditioners, it should be noted that they are intended soon for air cooling, and not for heating, and therefore they cannot and should not replace the heating system. Normally, you can use the air conditioner to increase the air temperature by a couple of degrees, but no more. Otherwise, the air conditioner will quickly fail.

To increase the service life of time, high -quality maintenance, cleaning and repair of air conditioners should be carried out. A signal for service and prevention can be a rumble, an unpleasant odor or vibration, but it is better not to bring to the appearance of “symptoms” of malfunctions. Some of the prescribed procedures for caring for air conditioning can be carried out by the owner (for example, cleansing the filters), but most of the work should still be laid on the shoulders of specialists. This will avoid expensive embezzlement for repair of possible breakdowns.

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