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Finishing the facade of the cottage or decoration of the facade of the country house photo

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Many who finish the construction of country houses, and those who simply want to give their home a decent appearance are thinking about what to do with the facade and what materials to use in the decoration. Today there is a fairly wide selection of finishing materials, but if we are talking about a country house, most people prefer wooden, ceramic or brick decoration.

But since our technologies and development do not stand still, several more methods for decorating the facade of country houses have been developed. Therefore, today it was quite fashionable and convenient to sheathe cottages and cottages with vinyl, as well as metal sides. In addition, the most popular and well -established technique of plaster also retained its place, because it is not inferior in environmental friendliness of wooden and ceramic decoration. But the most fashionable, beautiful and affordable today is the decoration of facades by imitation of the beam.

Daching facade: cost and durability of materials

Plaster is environmentally friendly, affordable for everyone, but not convenient because it starts to crack quickly enough.

Wooden decoration and decoration by imitation of a beam – are available in price, much more durable than plaster, but require additional attention, since over time any wooden structures have the ability to rotate, and in order to avoid this, it is necessary to take care of them.

Ceramic decoration – convenient in that you will have the opportunity to always wash the walls, and therefore over time your house will always be able to stay clean as a new.

The brick facade is durable and durable, it occupies the most leading position, but its cost relatively the rest is the highest.

Siding – enough, durable and convenient, in principle, in principle, it is acceptable and affordable, only the metal type of this material over time from a large amount of moisture can be covered with rust.

Facade of the country house: the right choice of material

Always attentive to the facade of your home, because this is his face, if you decide to independently start finishing and want to save, in which case start with a deep study of the market. Be sure to compare prices for different types of materials. Never purchase building and finishing materials from few well -known manufacturers. If you turn to the construction company for help, then be sure to read the contract when ordering certain works, there must be a point of force majeure circumstances in such agreements.

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