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Fireplace portals

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What can a fireplace consist of? He, as a rule, has several parts – a fireplace portal and a firebox. The design of the fireplace is most often determined by its portal.


For the manufacture of the portal, materials are often used:

– Stones (granite and marble);

– travertine and dolomite;

– wood.


one. If the portal is made of wood, then you can immediately say that such a product will be a work of art. Wood portals are usually used for electric fireplaces.

2. There are options for manufacturing portals made of metal “high text”.

3. There are brick models.

four. For electric fireplace, material with the name MDF is often used.

5. You can make portals from synthetic materials.

Today, more and more often those who want to buy a fireplace portal in St. Petersburg contact the company Artmarblestudio. . Facial facade of the structure can be portals made of natural stone. For example, in the last century, firewood fireplaces were very popular, now completely different style solutions have come, but a fireplace without a wooden portal does not look very attractive.

Usually the most beautiful fireplaces are made of oak and cherry. If we talk about electric fireplaces, then portals cost a lot for them, you can buy a portal from oak, of course, it will be cheaper, but there is a chance that it will crack over time.

The lower beams are made of an array that has a denser structure, an example can be an African tree. We can safely say that when a beautiful portal appears in your apartment, the room can be transformed and the home will remind you of the entrance to another world where fire rules.

Today, portals can be made not only of stone, wood or ceramics, there are options for making them from cast iron. Products of French masters are considered quite popular today. They managed to create several options for wall fireplaces, for example, there are both built -in models and half -built here. Such types of products can save space in your apartment well. Thanks to the development (elongated shape of the fireplace) you have the opportunity to observe the languages ​​of the flame. The design makes the fireplace attractive and elegant.

Order the manufacture of portals and other elements, such as monuments and tombstones, you can visit the ARTMARBLESTUDIO fountain store. .

There are also half -built structures made of natural stones. In this case, the model becomes much compact. Such fireplaces shine with luxury and antiquity.

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