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Glazing the balcony with your own hands

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The glazing of the balcony is unlikely to be able to master even the most skilled home master, here it will still have to resort to the services of a specialist in this field. However, if it is an inexpensive glazing of the balcony in a cold way using an aluminum profile, then the chances of independent repair will significantly rise, but the price tag may increase.

To begin with, it is worth making sure that the balcony will withstand additional load, because the frame and glass itself will increase the mass ten times, if the building is quite old, you will most likely have to demolish the old one and make a new balcony with all the calculations.

Now we will take care of your own safety, you will need a safety belt to ensure it, remember that it should withstand at least 400 kilograms, in the absence of weight information in the certificate, you should not take such a belt. So, after the acquisition of the belt, we drive an anchor hairpin into the capital wall and tightly wrap the ring, at the end of the work, the hairpin is cut off.

Now you need to decide what is more important – an increase in the area, or just a summer veranda. For a regular summer veranda, a option with cold glazing is suitable, only one glass layer and a light frame are used. But to increase the area or just a warm balcony, much more effort will be required. It is necessary to insulate the walls and floor, use double glasses in the frames, provide air circulation between the living room and the balcony.

If you have the means and you have a mansion, then you should try panoramic glazing. With this option, the frames are not used, the glass goes continuous from the bottom to the top and can be swinging, sliding or folding. It is worth remembering that this type of work is carried out only by qualified employees.

When using an aluminum profile, panoramic glazing can also be achieved, the section can be either extended or open. The weight will decrease significantly and at a price is much cheaper than continuous glass.

When using metal -plastic, you can choose what type of glazing to do, warm or cold, since this material is universal and suitable for any type of balconies at any height. But the wind resistance leaves much to be desired, it is also necessary to make a trumped.

If you have a narrow balcony, then glazing with removal is suitable for you, you can place an entire greenhouse on the window sill that appears.

As a result, we get three types of material and two types of glazing, you decide what is more important to you – an increase in area, or just a summer with a winter refrigerator camera.

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