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Granite and marble: how to polish to mirror shine?

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Granite and marble are quite often used in various fields of activity, but it must be processed with special tools. It is worth noting that such a task is accompanied by some problems, among which I would like to highlight the need for granite grinding and further polishing to brilliance. Often this means stripping a cut made by a grinder, but not everyone understands that for this you need to use.

In order to polish marble tiles, professionals use a diamond circle, better known as the AGSK. Builders mainly call them “turtles”, as they are incredibly similar to the shell of a real turtle. Most often they are used in firms providing memorial services. When people order monuments from materials such as granite or marble, then employees of the corresponding companies have to create a variety of figures from a piece of stone, and then put out the cut places to the mirror state. Only AGSHK can cope with such a task.

Such discs are particularly flexible, one side of the surface is covered with artificial diamond grit, and the other side is covered with a special fastening. The polishing process is carried out using a tool such as a grinder. AGSHK is attached to the disk-base of the tool by means of a Velcro fastener. Polishing marble or granite is allowed only at 1 or 2 speeds, so the grinder must be equipped with speed control.

At first, a circle with a large coating is taken for polishing, and at the end – with a fine one. Coarse grain is used as a roughing, that is, to eliminate the largest roughness. Often, such irregularities appear after cutting the stone with a grinder. In addition, large grain is used to process large surfaces, preparing them thus for the last stage of polishing – finishing processing, when all small roughnesses are removed and the stone becomes like a mirror, which shows its own reflection.

The process of polishing a marble or granite slab consists only of the consistent use of diamond wheels (from coarse to fine chips). It should be noted that both materials darken during polishing. Diamond wheels with a grain of 200 allow you to remove roughness and make the surface smooth, but this is not enough, since to give the stone a factory shine it is worth reaching the nozzle with a grain of 800. The mirror surface is achieved through the use of 1500 nozzles.

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