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Hidden room and doors with a hidden box

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Long before our birth, during the Inquisition, in every castle or family estate, secret rooms were created. The entrance to the hidden room was reliably hidden behind some mirror or bookcase, and there were no windows in the room itself, and enhanced sound insulation was also created.

At that time, secret rooms were used to conduct various secret meetings and negotiations, storage jewelry and family relics. Also hidden rooms retained the lives of hundreds of people, during periods of inquisition.

The idea of ​​creating a secret room is in high demand in modern interiors. Despite the fact that the purpose is more ordinary, the solutions of such premises are quite interesting.

To create a modern secret room, it is important to have hidden doors, which will actually make a secret room. The most common in the market are swing doors with a hidden box.

Creating a hidden room with a hidden box

The design is mounted in a wall at such a level that the door leaf is excreted in a flush relative to the surface of the wall. Doors with a hidden box do not have platbands and other decorative elements. The only decoration and visible element can be a pen, but it can also be hidden. The surface of such doors is treated with a special primer and further processing can be applied to them by any finish coating.

To date, waste premises are used to create a cozy place of work and rest. Also, many owners of multi -room apartments use doors with a hidden box to mask nondescript, but necessary in the everyday life of the premises: pantries, dressing rooms, bathrooms and others.

Any thematic room can act as a secret, for example: a room where you can play sports, or you can place a home cinema in it, thus create your own personal cinema hall. Small children love creative and all the most unusual, so you can use doors with a hidden box to create a game room to your children.

To create a hidden room, you can use special swing doors on a hidden box for finishing, sliding or rotating around its axis, cabinets or racks. Large mirrors, facades, wall panels, even tiles – All this can contribute to the creation of a secret room.

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