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How dishes were created?

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The history of the creation of a dishwasher is very interesting and many still do not believe in it, but still, the facts say that everything was actually like that. But it’s worth discussing what role the dishwasher plays in your house, which is probably not the last one, since you often see people who don’t want to wash dishes on their own, but give a special task to a robot, or rather a technique that will carry out this process and allow a person to work in this direction.

The value of a dishwasher is felt in those houses where a large family lives, where everyone cannot be kept track of and not washed, so you have to use the dishwasher often, but before proceeding, it is best to understand how it was created.

Who started working on the creation of a dishwasher?

After the death of her husband, Josephine Cochrane inherited huge debts. And the business, which was originally planned as a hobby, became a very important thing in her life. Josephine founded Kitchen Aid, a mass-produced dishwasher company. Madame Cochrane worked tirelessly.

True, they bought her dishwashers without much zeal and excitement. Hotels and restaurants appreciated her invention, and ordinary housewives treated this “assistant” with caution and apprehension. It turned out that most housewives just loved to wash dishes! It calmed them and helped to distract from various worries. There were a lot of disputes. But, the neglected process was no longer possible to stop.

Over time, the company Madame Kokrain joined the huge corporation of Whirlpool, it was she who continued to improve the kitchen assistant. And still continues to do it.

What happened next?

Further, even “men’s companies” began to produce dishwashers. Friends Raichard Zincann and Karl Mile became in this pioneers. They produced and brought the dishwasher of an electric machine. It was they who had a palm of the championship for a long time. They added drain pumps, improved the drying process, increased performance and new items were introduced regarding the automation of the processes.

The boom of feminism in the 1970s, became a kind of star for a dishwasher for a dishwasher. It was during this period that it began not to be considered a luxury or a dubious purchase, but a real symbol of the freedom of a woman.

It is such a story of the development of the dishwasher today that is widespread around the world, but statistics show that since that time it continues to conquer markets and houses.

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