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How much do wooden euro -water cost

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Before talking about the cost of such products, you need to understand how they are made and what types of wood are used. If we take Western Europe, then everything is simple and wooden windows are usually placed in private houses or apartments, as for office premises, they are already installed, plastic windows are installed.

What are the differences in windows of this type? It would seem that the windows of plastic are much stronger and longer serve, but for some reason it is customary in houses where people live to put windows from wood. Everything is simple, since wooden windows are made of natural materials, and they are absolutely harmless to humans, animals and plants, as a rule, if there are wooden windows in the apartment, then there is always a special smell and warm comfort in it. We can say with confidence that your health will not suffer here.

Distinctive feature of wooden windows

Here we can say a few words about the advantage of wooden windows, and in which buildings they are customary to establish.

The main advantages of such windows can be:

• good isolation of the room in which the heat is preserved.

• There are special soundproof double -glazed windows here that I do not miss sounds from the street.

• since the products are made of natural wood, they look gorgeous.

• In the production of windows of this type, they are covered with special varnishes, which allow you to maintain color for a long time.

• A healthy microclimate is always supported in the room.

We can say here that the most important is. That the room always breathes and at the same time, of course, you can create a special microclimate and optimal humidity in the apartment.

Today it is possible to produce any products, there are new technologies that allow you to put special aluminum overlays on wooden windows.

Where they are installed

Wooden windows can be installed:

• in those buildings made of brick and panels.

• there is the possibility of installing wooden -type windows and in houses folded from foam blocks.

• But most often wooden windows are ordered in private houses that are made of wood. Here, the installation of wooden windows can be carried out only by specialists using certain technologies.

The most important thing, before ordering windows from wood, you need to familiarize yourself with their external characteristics and this is easiest to do on the Internet. Now there are many sites on which you can find a lot of useful information about such windows, especially about prices.

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