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How to choose a granite for a kitchen?

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Granite is durable, universal material for the kitchen. It is suitable for creating countertops, kitchen sinks, wall or flooring and many other kitchen applications, including for covering and creating window sills. When you choose granite for the kitchen among different options in a collection of one manufacturers (or choose between materials in the collections of different firms), you can pay attention to the color, details of the texture and design features of the product.

one. The color of granite

The most common granite colors are black and gray, but these are not the only options. In fact, granite countertops are produced in different shades and colors. Dark and light granite products are usually chosen for kitchens in a classic style, and if other styles dominate the room, then other colors can be used. Many designers recommend choosing countertops darker than the color of the floor.

2. Budget

Don’t go over your budget. Different manufacturers of countertops and other granite products may charge high prices for their products. But investing in durable kitchen surfaces is really worth it, although you need to do it wisely. Pay attention to the thickness of the countertop or tile – it can affect the quality and cost. And the style and finish affect the visual qualities and prices of granite products. In the absence of the necessary funds, you can choose manufacturers who make the product simpler but cheaper.

3. Usage

Explore different sites, see how designers use granite in their clients’ kitchens. Some order granite countertops that stretch from the table to the window sill. Others, when ordering a headset, order a kitchen table with the same countertop. Please note that companies that make furniture often do not take up small orders, therefore, when you ask for an additional table or window sill, which is combined with a set, they refuse. And in small companies you can not always find a stone with the same texture. Thus, it is better to order everything at once.

four. Cutting

Granite is specifically cut for your requirements. Granite is not the easiest stone for work and it is difficult for them to manipulate enough. Many are used to the old kitchen sets in which the countertop is made of MDF with the surface that imitates the stone. MDF can be cut and processed independently, but granite you can’t cut it so simply and do not process. Therefore, order in advance a kitchen set with places for household appliances and t. P.

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