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How to choose an air conditioner. Recommendations for choosing an air conditioner for an apartment and office.

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With the onset of hot summer days, the question of choosing a good air conditioner becomes very relevant. What to look for when choosing an air conditioner. After all, every day the number of companies offering services for the installation and sale of air conditioners is growing exponentially. It would seem that air conditioners from different manufacturers can differ? However, there are differences. Not all models can provide high quality. The quality of the installation of this technique also differs.

Statistics confirm that almost eighty percent of defects and damage to air conditioners are caused by errors when installing them. This suggests that a lot of firms and private craftsmen do not work at the highest level. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare for the purchase of this important and necessary unit.

One of the important factors is a highly qualified company selling air conditioning, as well as competent specialists who install equipment. After all, air conditioning is not a technique that the buyer can install himself.

A serious company will send a specialist to you before installing the equipment, who will inspect the premises and evaluate its parameters. Only after his conclusions will you be offered a specific model of air conditioner.

A good firm will provide you with an estimate of the work, which indicates the exact lists of work performed. You must specify the terms of delivery and installation.

You can also check for yourself how accurately the company made the calculation. The main parameter during the calculation is the heat surplus. This is the amount of warm air that creates discomfort in the room. To do this, use this formula Q1 = S * H ​​* Q, where

S – room area

H is the height

Q – coefficient of 30 watts If there is no sun, 35 watts the average, 40W sunny room.

Excessive heat is also taken into account, which radiates household appliances or office equipment. If computers are in the room, then 300 watts are considered for each copy or 30 percent of the power of this equipment. The excess heat that comes from people in the room is also definitely calculated. One person – 100 watts.

After conducting such calculations, you can choose the suitable air conditioning system for you, the necessary colating production. Experts advise buying air conditioning air companies. All kinds of ratings of this technique that are published in magazines and the Internet can be taken into account. Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi split systems are highly demand and reliable.

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