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How to distinguish a fake from the original when choosing a power tool?

by realapartment

There are more and more fakes in the power tool market. How to determine the original, and by what criteria to do it? On the power tool market, you can find a huge number of models from a variety of manufacturers. The demand for professional and household tools is very high, so lately there are more and more counterfeit tools sold as original. The most interesting thing is that fakes are found even by world famous companies. A person who bought a fake faces many problems in the process of work, this is not meeting the declared technical characteristics, and faster failure. In order to avoid such problems during repair, you must be able to distinguish a fake from the original model.

As a rule, most fake models of power tools cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the original, of course, there are times when the price is the same or approximate, but much less often. Based on the price, everyone should understand that a tool from world-famous manufacturers cannot be cheap. Do not buy the first available model at a low price. It is best to go to different stores and compare prices for the same tool models – the price will always be about the same.

It is equally important to choose the right place to buy. Most fakes are found on the Internet and markets. If you choose a model for professional work, then you should buy only from official representatives of the company or company stores specializing in the sale of products from certain manufacturers, then the probability of buying a low-quality fake will be minimal.

But, even buying in the store, you should still pay attention to the quality of the assembly of the selected model, marking, which is made by the manufacturer, the presence of instructions and an official guarantee. Must be the logo of the company that made it. On branded instruments, the company logo will be located not only in one place, but in several places. The packaging of a branded instrument must be of very high quality, contain company logos and the name, its appearance must be identical to the product that is packed in it.

Thus, it is possible to distinguish the original from the fake at the time of purchase. It’s not worth saving, it’s better to pay more and buy a high-quality and reliable power tool for many years of work.

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