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How to install a fire alarm?

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Fire alarm – the key to the preservation of all your property and the security of people in this room. It makes it possible to timely determine the dangerous fire with high accuracy. This system can automatically include a notification of danger in the form of a siren, as well as activate the necessary devices to neutralize the threat. If necessary, the signal of the fire will be directly transferred to the central control panel or to your phone. These installations make it possible to protect both offices, private houses, and large buildings of buildings. Each project is made strictly individually depending on the level of protection: from analog sensors to digital devices with high accuracy in determining the location of a potentially dangerous situation.

It should be noted that the installation of a fire alarm can only be carried out according to a project that has passed the examination. Only a licensed company has the right to carry out the installation. If you decide to enter into an agreement with such an organization, then you should pay special attention to the following factors:

one. Project documentation;

2. Supervision of the customer over the performance of all necessary work;

3. Technical Supervision;

four. Commissioning procedure.

As for the pricing policy, it is quite diverse, since each company has its own prices, which directly depend on the labor intensity and cost of equipment. The fire alarm is commissioned after checking all devices, adjustment and its direct test. This also includes staff familiarization and training. After that, the customer accepts it by signing certain documents, after which all further responsibility falls directly on him.

To ensure the safety of personnel in the event of a fire, there should be a building layout according to which people could leave it as quickly as possible. The process of making an evacuation plan is quite complicated and at the same time responsible work, especially for multi-storey buildings, where the number of people is measured in tens. That is why you should trust only a special manufacturer company. In order to place an order, you will need to provide the following information:

one. Name of the organization;

2. The most complete full-floor floor plan;

3. Complete information about the possibility of exiting windows or fire escapes;

four. Places where fire extinguishers, cranes, hydrants, phones, electrical panels, manual detectors.

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