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How to prepare for a renovation?

by realapartment

Renovation of an apartment is a responsible and complex matter, requiring accuracy, strength, even courage, not to mention financial costs. Someone carries out repairs to update the premises, and for someone this is already a matter of security. But whatever the reason for the repair, I want to finish the process as soon as possible.

First of all, you need to decide what type of repair you need to carry out – cosmetic, major or so-called European-quality repair. If you just need to refresh the room, change the wallpaper, repaint the ceiling, etc. d., then carry out cosmetic repairs. Overhaul will take more time, effort and money, as it often requires the replacement of communications, refilling the floor, etc. d. Renovation is a renovation made according to European standards, while it can both change the visit beyond recognition, and simply bring small new notes and accents. Detailed descriptions of what each type of repair means are presented on the website in the “apartment repair” section.

So, you have studied the condition of your apartment and decided on the type of repair. What’s next? Part of the population will turn to construction and repair companies, study offers in newspapers and on the Internet, compare services for services, after which he will make a choice in favor of a company. However, pleasure is quite expensive and far from affected by everyone. By virtue of this or by virtue of confidence in their own strengths and skills (sometimes justified), another part of the country’s inhabitants will prefer to make repairs on their own.

If one of your relatives or acquaintances has experience of independent repair, then it makes sense to contact them if not for help, then for advice. If there are no such people in your environment, the recommendations listed below will be able to help you.

First, make a list and work plan that must be done. It is advisable to indicate the work in this list in the order in which they will follow. For example, if you update the surfaces, go from top to bottom – from the ceiling through the walls to the floor.

Find on the Internet tables of calculation of consumables by which determine the required amount of materials (paint, wallpaper, etc. D.), but buy them with a margin of 15-20%. It is better to buy or order them in one company, because it is cheaper, and the rest can be returned.

Self-repair is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You just need to not be afraid, try and believe that everything will work out.

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