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I want a trip to space!

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The age of romantic scientists has sunk into oblivion, the time has come for practical people, the time to make money. Space is no exception for business development.

Impressive, amazing and by far the most expensive form of tourism is space tourism. Who did not fantasize, as a child, to become an astronaut? The boys dreamed of being like Yuri Gagarin, seeing the planet Earth from space, stepping on the surface of the Moon. And now the time has come for dreams to grow into reality, and this reality has its price – the cost of a space tour. American millionaire Dennis Tito became the pioneer of space tourism in 2001. Flight to the stars and popularity for the whole world cost an American $ 20 million. Isn’t it worth it? Since the time of Denis Tito, about 10 tourists have gone on a space voyage.

If you don’t have a few million dollars to spare today, your flight to the stars will have to be postponed for a while, and go on a more affordable space tourism tour, but only on your home planet Earth. Travel agencies are pleased to offer a trip to the Baikonur Cosmodrome to the Cosmonaut Training Center.

You can see with your own eyes and feel the power of a launching spacecraft from Baikonur for $ 2,500. And where are the overloads, special training, a spacesuit and food from tubes? No, this is the cost of just an excursion to the spaceport. You can get into the atmosphere of a real flight preparation, feel like a part of the space brotherhood, only by visiting the Cosmonaut Training Center named after. YU. Gagarin. Soyuz spacecraft simulators are at your service here. You will test the spaceship phases from the ship’s exit to orbit to returning to the ground. Space menu, consisting of four dishes, will cost you $ 200. You can test your body with flight overloads for strength on simulators by paying 2,450 dollars for it.

Having tried on the spacesuit “Orlan” in the hydrolaboratory, you will feel the feeling of weightlessness unknown to you. Do not deny yourself this pleasure, two hours of a soaring state will cost 6 thousand dollars.

The highlight of the star town is the largest centrifuge in the world with a radius of 18 meters, which will cost 2.5 thousand dollars for extreme fans for extreme fans. You will give this amount in 10 minutes, it is unlikely that your body can withstand more without preparation.

You will carry the memories of the space tour through your whole life. Do not miss the opportunity to become one of the cosmonauts-tourists if financial problems do not exist for you.

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