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Installation of a fireplace in the country or at home

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Many of us get tired every day to see four walls in front of us locked up at high -story houses. Therefore, in order to break away from the life everyday life of the city, we leave for the cottage where cleaner air, trees, grass and rest.

The truth is to spend a long time in the house, where in the winter or autumn few people agree coolly why there is a special component of housing in the country. True, before repairing, it is necessary to stock up on the documents on redevelopment and restructuring. To realize your dreams, you can hire professionals who will make their work faster, but who feels like a real master can repair the fireplace with his own hands. Necessary conditions for the installation site of the fireplace

In the event that the chimney is already installed in the housing, our work is slight. It is best not to build a fireplace at the door and windows level. It is also not recommended to place the stove in rooms with an area of ​​less than 20 square meters. Provide the air flow from the street to the fireplace. About two thousand cubic meters of air for a fireplace from a closed and near 500 for an open firebox are required. Plan the location of the fireplace before installation calculate it ahead of how you will do installation, leave a place for various accessories.

Paul and wall requirements

It is impossible to neglect the place for the fireplace, before installation you need to make a recess in the floor and fill it with concrete. The coating should not be with cracks and loosen, the surface must be made perfectly even. The dimensions of such a foundation range from 20 centimeters, but do not exceed more than 70 cm. It is recommended to clarify the walls inside and from the inside of the furnace with non -combustible tiles or materials.

Establishment of the furnace

After all the preparatory work, you can start installing the fireplace itself. Set on a horizontally flat surface. Fixation is carried out using non -combustible mastic, or heat -resistant glue. The firebox itself should not come in contact from other materials subject to high temperature. If you want to decorate the fireplace itself with wood products, before work you need to lin the place with a cement mortar. Take advantage of all instructions when facing the furnace.

Preparation of the chimney

In the event that the work on the installation of the furnace and facing the outer part is over, it is necessary to make a chimney, it is built exclusively from non -combustible materials. If necessary, after construction, you need to protect the fireplace with a special casing. Make the very first heating from open windows to weathering harmful substances from paints and materials.

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