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Installation of thermal pump in the country

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Increase in cost and reduction of oil and gas stocks, as well as increasing electric energy tariffs and heating led to the popularity of devices that operate on alternative energy sources: solid fuel boiler, heating pump, wind generator and solar power plant.

Features of functioning and types of thermal pumps

The heat pump is a universal device that performs three functions: heating, cooling air in the room and hot water supply. The peculiarity of the industrial pump lies in the fact that its functioning requires the energy of the environment.

The principle of operation of the pump can be compared with the household refrigerator. These two devices consist of evaporator and two heat exchangers (condenser and compressor). They are combined into a common contour, which is filled with a refrigerant. The fluration temperature of the freon is very low, therefore, when it passes through the evaporator, it turns from a liquid state into a gaseous.

The heating pump can be of different types that differ in cost, energy source, and installation and operation features.

Air pump is the simplest and most affordable installation that is popular among consumers. Depending on the installation method, thermal pumps can be vertical and horizontal. For residential premises, it is relevant to use horizontal pumps, and for objects with a limited area – vertical.

The thermal geothermal pump works on the thermal energy of the soil and groundwater. For such a device, a characteristic high efficiency.

The water pump is installed in any reservoir, which is located nearby. The device is located above the freezing level of water.

Advantages of the heat pump

The heating pump is one of the most popular heating devices among modern consumers. This is due to the following advantages:

universality, performing three functions (heating and cooling of air in the room, as well as water heating);

simplicity of installation and maintenance;

efficiency in operation due to the lack of use of oil and gas;

Geothermal thermal pumps are characterized by a high efficiency;

The environmental safety of the device is ensured by the fact that for the functioning of the heat pump there is no need to burn fuel and other harmful substances. This device works without harmful emissions into the environment.

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