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Is it possible to do without diamond drilling

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The installation of modern ventilation systems requires one or even several rather large holes in the outer wall. Ventilation ducts, as a rule, with a diameter of 125 or 160 mm. However, for laying even such pipes, it is necessary to increase the size of the holes. This is necessary to ensure greater thermal insulation and tightness.

Making holes in the wall on their own is extremely problematic. The first thing that comes to mind to pick up your favorite punch and rush into battle with difficulties. However, do not rush. Let’s think a little. For example, for a channel of 160 mm, a hole of about 200 mm in diameter is required. Keep in mind that the outer wall is on average 45 cm in thickness, and sometimes exceeds this value. Also remember the reinforcement and concrete fortress. The use of a perforator is difficult because for the hole of such a diameter you will have to make many small ones, which then need to be connected. It is not realistic to do this, even if you draw a flat circle and go strictly along its contour. This will happen because in the process the drill deviates to the side, meeting obstacles. It is also possible that the wall will begin to break off in pieces. This, obviously, will not give an aesthetic look to the hole. There is another unpleasant moment can go cracks. This scenario is extremely undesirable, especially if the wall is brick.

Probably, there is already enough evidence that the punch is not the best tool for these purposes.

Diamond drilling holes in concrete The easiest way to create a large diameter. There is a special tool for him, the main element of which is a diamond crown. It looks like a pipe, on one side of which teeth covered with diamond crumbs, and on the other, connecting element with a drill. The weight of this device is more than impressive, so fastening with the runners is installed on the wall. During work, the master directs and supports the mechanism. Unlike the punch, the drill performs rotational movements. The work of the master depends on the material of the wall, the strength of concrete and the amount of reinforcement in the given area.

Often a “vacuum cleaner” nozzle is added to the tool, which collects all the dirt formed during the work. This installation has only two shortcomings to increase the cost of the service and the inability to drill under the ceiling.

If you are a zealous host, then diamond drilling is an affordable and safe way to create a large diameter hole. Trust your walls to professionals.

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