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Organization of large events – solving problems with a lack of furniture

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The organization of a major event is always associated with the need to place a large number of guests, and if we are talking about presentation, then you can not do without specialized furniture – exhibition stands, booklets, reception desks, as well as some additional equipment.

It is impractical to spend large amounts on the purchase of everything necessary, especially in the case of organizing one -time events, but to take furniture for rent is an optimal solution. With minimal costs, you can provide all necessary corporate banquet, large exhibition, conference or chic wedding.

There are a lot of advantages of this method of organizing events:

Saving material

The ability to choose any necessary furniture, including elite, specialized

Readiness for meetings with any number of invited

The rental of furniture for the event is also relevant in cases of a sudden increase in the number of guests on the eve of its. This saves the situation, since there is no time for the selection and purchase of everything missing.

What exactly can be rented?

They always are in great demand:

Information banner stands

Bookpieces, reception racks

Roller stands

Exhibition or presentation is not complete without these convenient solutions. Chairs (holding conferences), as well as upholstered office -type furniture, are equally highly in demand. For celebrations, you can rent soft chairs and sofas, as well as their original modifications, for example, hanging sofas-caches.

Features of the lease

When concluding a contract for rental of any type of furniture, it is important to pay attention to such points as “compensation for damage” and “extension of the lease term”. As for compensation for damage, there are two options: full or partial. But the extension of the lease term in some companies can go at an overpriced tariff, as this is considered an unforeseen circumstance for the lessor, which also affects the planning of the lease of furniture to other customers.

Experts are ready to assist in choosing the most suitable furniture in accordance with the theme of the upcoming event, the number of guests and other nuances. Most companies include its delivery, and sometimes assembly, but all these nuances are discussed individually during the order of the order.

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