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Self -regulatory organization – SRO

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Como -regulatory organizations (SRO) are a group of non -profit organizations that were organized by voluntary association of companies and organizations (individual entrepreneurs and individuals) providing various services in the field of construction and overhaul. Self -regulatory companies – are engaged in the approval and development of documentation, in accordance with 55 st. Town Planning Code, as well as control the activities of their members.

SRO status may receive a non -profit partnership, subject to the parties to comply with the requirements for 1 and 2 parts. 55.4 of the Town Planning Code of Russia. At the same time, the organization of the SRO provides for the presence of at least 100 members (they may be both a legal entity and individual entrepreneurs) and a compensation fund, which should be a million rubles, for each current member of the association. In the event that the organization provides for civil liability insurance of members included in it, then such a fund should be at least 300,000 rubles for each members. In addition, the association of self -regulatory organizations must have all the necessary documentation, which is provided for part 1. 55.5 of the Town Planning Code of Russia.

Due to the fact that entry into the SRO requires a certain package of documents, companies were created that will help you when entering. To do this, in the search bar, dial the phrase help and select the company that will advise you on all the issues you asked.

The purpose of creating self -regulatory organizations is to prevent the likelihood of possible harm, as a result of incompetent work of builders and repairmen, as well as improving the quality of services in construction and repair areas. The SRO Services list can be found in the classifier, here you can find out about the need to have allowed for each type of work.

Financing such associations is carried out at the expense of membership, property and other voluntary contributions and donations, educational services, etc. D. For each member, the introductory value of the SRO is individual and depends on the specific self -regulatory organization. A prerequisite for the activities of members in the SRO is the availability of a certificate of admission to work in the construction and repair sector.

If you have an acute need for an urgent introduction, then this can be done in one day. To do this, you need to pay an entrance fee and the next day you can already come for the necessary tolerances.

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