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Some nuances of glazing balconies and loggias

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Many apartment owners seek to glaze the balconies or loggias they have to close them from rain, snow and dust. To do this, choose the method of “cold” glazing, that is, without insulation. In this case, the side walls are sheathed with wood, metal sheets or plastic, and an aluminum profile is used to install glasses. The design can be stationary (it is done extremely rarely, since such windows cannot be washed on the outside yourself), swing or sliding.

If you need an additional area for creating a working cabinet or winter garden or you just want to expand the kitchen a little, then “warm” glazing is suitable using hermetically closing double -glazed windows. The costs in this case will be higher, since you will have to insulate the balcony or loggia, as well as to strengthen the supporting structures if necessary, since the parapet welded from metal corners and rods will not withstand the severity of plastic windows.

Very often ordered glazing “with removal”, thanks to which the internal useful space on the balcony increases. Another advantage that is ensured in this case is a wide functional and ergonomic window sill. Accordingly, the cost of work in this case will also increase through the creation of additional supporting structures.

As you can see, prices vary for glazing balconies and loggias depending on the tasks that you set before the company offering such services. However, even one type of work can cost differently, since factors such as accessories, a profile system, a double-glazed window configuration and the number of sections are influenced, so you can choose a budget, standard or exclusive option.

In the event that you need to alteration of the fences of the balcony, you can install new metal. The following options are also considered: for the PVC and Slidors profile, it is better to fold the parapet of foam blocks, the aluminum profile can cost a timber frame, though only a massive square beam should be used for it, treated with an antiseptic.

If you decide to use foam blocks, then the thickness of the material should be at least 10 centimeters, the solution responsible for the strength of the seams, in structure resembles tile glue. It allows you to make thin jumpers, increasing the thermal insulation properties of masonry. Due to their own low weight, foam blocks do not increase the load on the bearing balcony plate.

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