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Submarine stones of free planning of apartments in new buildings

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Today, apartments with the so -called free layout are increasingly found in the primary real estate market. This can be completely free space with the load-bearing walls, summarized by the communications and installed front door and window blocks or a room with summarized communications and marking of internal walls, usually looking like 15-20-centimeter brick or concrete partitions. Usually in one and in the other case the leveling screed is missing.

But not everything is so simple. The fact is that in official documents, including the project of the house, the location and size of the premises are recorded, the places where plumbing devices or kitchen slab should be installed are indicated. Even if you purchased an apartment without any partitions, then you will still have to coordinate the planned changes in the layout. The case is very troublesome, notable and very long. Perhaps that is why some companies already at the construction stage give customers the opportunity to decide on the layout, which will allow legally to get an apartment with an individual layout immediately after completing the construction and delivery of the house. Of course, this is somewhat costly, since a new project is drawn up and changes are made to the floor plan of the building.

If you did not have a similar opportunity, then when agreeing to redevelopment, you need to remember some nuances. So, you will not be able to legally move or demolish the load -bearing walls or columns, arrange a bathroom or kitchen over the living room and move ventilation boxes. Also, by redevelopment of the apartment, you will have to reckon with the already defined places of the kitchen, sanitary, private and public zones. But the area of ​​the rooms, the configuration of the partitions and the like already depends on the taste of the owner of the housing. At the same time, you can use both monolithic reinforced concrete structures, as well as the beams and columns filled with light concrete.

Choosing an apartment on the site-spb website. , Pay attention to the location of private areas and orientation to the cardinal points. For example, if the windows of the room go on a noisy road, you should not arrange a bedroom here – constant noise and passing cars will interfere even with additional sound insulation and modern double -glazed windows. In addition, do not forget that a person will better live in wide and square premises than in elongated along one axis.

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