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The choice of the best foundation option for building foam blocks

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When choosing a foundation for buildings of this type, it is very important to approach the process itself seriously and accurately. You will have to take into account many factors that can continue to negatively affect the built house. Groundwater, freezing of the soil, the quality of the soil itself – such factors a huge number.

Detailed instructions for choosing a foundation

one. The condition of the soil is what will affect the stability and durability of the built house. To determine the quality of the soil, it will be best addressed to experienced specialists who can do everything quickly and efficiently and provide you with all the results of the test and soil analysis. But due to the fact that for this you need to spend decent money – this is done quite rarely.

2. If you have certain knowledge – you can do everything yourself, just drill the wells. You will need well pumps. If after checking, you will see that there are no groundwater – you can safely start installing a strip type of foundation.

3. If you find groundwater, it is abyssed soil. Now you will need a special drainage that will take water. But to do everything very high quality – you have to pay a rather big amount. The best option would be to install a monolithic slab. Such a foundation will build a durable and durable house.

four. If after checking the upper layers, you are convinced of the weakness of the soil, you can start work at a greater depth, and try to build something like an in-depth strip foundation there.

5. The impact of the side power of the heaving on this type of foundation is what should also be taken into account when planning. After construction, the walls of the house can significantly suffer from the effects of such forces, so it is better to plan everything thoroughly and not rush with the formation of the foundation on such a basis.

6. The construction of a pile column foundation will be the best choice if the soil is quite weak. After all, the material itself is very easy. But this type of foundation design will be ideal only for small buildings. The distance between the pillars should be minimized, all the work is best done very carefully and thought out.

7. If you urgently need to install a slab foundation, then know that the cost of materials and the work itself can be reduced. The choice of this option will entail decent financial costs. You can use a certain type of tile foundation, which is equipped with special stiffeners.

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