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What cottage to take?

by realapartment

Megapolis by a metropolis, but sooner or later, even the most inveterate city dweller gets tired of the smog of large cities, a huge number of people, unhealthy ecology and constant noise. What can he do then? That’s right, buy a land plot somewhere near the city to leave there for the weekend, hide from the buzzing and tedious rhythm of the metropolis and rest with soul and body. Only now how to find a good site so as not to overpay for it? You can read about this in our article.

You can go on the Internet and become a real estate agent for a while, that is, start to regularly view sales/purchases, call contact numbers, agree on meetings, etc. However, you can not waste time and entrust all this tedious work by the realtors themselves, in the end, this is their bread.

Where are the most delicious summer cottages? Of course, this is the Moscow Region, as well as summer villages located in neighboring areas – Yaroslavl and Vladimir. During a visit to the seller, be sure to determine the condition of the area where the site is located. If he, for example, is economically unfavorable, then this can already serve as the first signal to the fact that it is better to refuse the purchase – it is likely that the cottage or cottage can be robbed, the car can be robbed, and you can be robbed.

When choosing a company, refer better to those that allow you to purchase plots without a contract, intermediaries, and you should also be interested in the sale of summer cottages that are implemented as part of the management of the land asset. This guarantees that you will legally purchase a site.

Many have a question: what is better to buy – a simple land or territory with a ready -made house? The first, of course, is much cheaper, and besides, the newly combined owners have the opportunity to realize all their own, even the most violent, architectural fantasies on their land plot, but the option with the finished cottage also has its advantages. Firstly, there is no urgent need to spend money on the construction of a summer house. Secondly, all engineering systems, such as water, gas and electricity, have already been carried out to this house, and therefore do not need to pay for them. In any case, it is best to purchase land in a specialized country village, since in this case your property will be under guard, and strangers will not visit you without demand. In addition, in such villages there are grocery stores, pharmacies and normal roads to large settlements, which not all garden areas can boast of.

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