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What is the advantage of glued beams over solid wood

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Glued beams every year are becoming all popular lumber, thanks to its high characteristics and properties. These properties allow you to use this material even in the construction of multi -span buildings used as sports complexes, water parks, warehouses, etc. P.

A unique production process allows us to turn ordinary wood into a lumber of the highest quality, which has all the necessary properties for construction or finishing work. A massive board in St. Petersburg can be purchased in advance before the start of construction.

Most often, in the production of glued beams, pine or spruce wood is used, which is first cut on boards of the desired size and thoroughly dried. To dry thin boards faster and easier than a massive beam, so the quality of the material is much higher. Dried boards are sorted and rejected, treated with solutions from decay and bacteria, and then strict.

The resulting blanks are called lamellas, and the finished beam is glued from them. The thickness of the beam depends on the number of glued lamels. The gluing process takes place using a press using glue with special properties, thanks to which wood does not lose its natural qualities.

From glued timber, you can build any designs during the construction of the house, and the quality of these structures is much higher than if they were made of whole wood. Here are the main points that make glued beams better than solid wood:

High -quality lumber surface

Such indicators can be achieved thanks to the thorough launch of boards and the selection of blanks based on their color and texture. The perfect appearance is a distinctive feature of glued beams.

Stable sizes of lumber

Glued beam, due to the fact that already dried wood is used for its production, does not deform over time, will not twist and does not sit down. Whole wood during operation may lose its stable size.


Indicators of the strength of glued and whole wood vary 50-50%, in favor of glued wood.

Construction period

You can build a house made of glued beam several times faster than from ordinary lumber. The construction time is positively affected by the fact that glued beam has accurate dimensions, that is, you can assemble the structure of the house quickly and easily. It is not necessary for the structure of glued wood and the time for shrinkage.

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