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What is the best solar panel design?

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The desire to reduce energy costs for your home becomes a reason to purchase solar panels. And in this case, the owners are faced with a difficult task – the choice of the optimal design of an alternative energy source. To solve it, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the existing models on the market and find the best option on the site .

There are 2 basic designs of solar panels:



Let’s take a closer look at the distinctive qualities of these two types of solar modules.

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cell. What is the difference?

The difference in design is the first difference that even a non-professional can easily notice. The surface of the single-crystal module is homogeneous with rounded corners of silicon blanks. In the manufacture of the element, a single silicon crystal is used. Polycrystalline solar cell is manufactured in square or rectangular shape. The heterogeneity of its surface is due to a large number of scattered crystals in its composition and various mineral impurities.

The second important factor that should be taken into account when choosing a solar module, the effectiveness of the transformation of solar energy is becoming. This indicator for monocrystalline panels under ordinary operating conditions is 22%. When testing in an open cosmos, batteries from a single silicon crystal could convert up to 38% of solar energy.

Models with a polycrystalline surface of the module have a smaller efficiency of useful action. Such solar panels can convert up to 18% of the energy of sunlight. Such a decrease in effectiveness is due to the presence of impurities (carbon and oxygen), as well as the space between individual crystals.

To increase the power of the solar battery, proportionally increases its area. However, the dimensions of the polycrystalline module will exceed the size of the monocrystalline with an equal value of transformed energy.

The third, but not the last difference between the design between the designs of solar batteries, their cost becomes. The need to use a single large and less common silicon crystal increases the price of monocrystalline modules by an average of 10%.

Having considered the above features and distinctive qualities of solar panels, you can easily choose the best option for yourself.

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