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Who needs unique furniture facades

by realapartment

When choosing any furniture, the buyer primarily pays attention, of course, to the facade, style and functional features of the goods, and after the material from which it is made, and accessories.

Almost any manufacturer provides customers with a standard set of facade solutions that can be found in serial production furniture. Depending on the price category, the client will be offered facades from MDF, chipboard or natural wood. The color palette for many companies is also standard – these are mainly different wood options – oak, beech, birch, apple tree. However, there are also ordinary plain solutions.

But it may happen that none of the proposed options will suit your interior. This happens quite often, especially for those who want to realize the author’s idea. We can talk about different parameters – color, texture, as well as materials from which facades are made. In order to get such a solution of furniture, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer directly, first, of course, having selected the quality of the work of which you still suits you. It is advisable to negotiate directly with the manufacturer, and not with third parties receiving an order.

Individually, you can be offered by non -interior colors. For example, bright monophonic facades that are usually used for cubic cube -cubotourism kitchens. Exclusively on order for such solutions, many companies also offer facades from unusual materials – fiberglass as well as glass. Also very often, on an individual project, furniture with combined facades is developed, in particular, glass and plastic inserts. If just such materials are involved in your design project, it makes sense not to look for ready-made furniture in shopping centers, but to contact the manufacturer directly.

In addition, individual facades to order can be decorated with artistic wood, as well as stained glass glasses of any size and types.

An individual order is also necessary in cases where you want to make some adjustments to the design of the facades and the selection of fittings. You can do this by providing the company with your own drawings, or by finalizing the model already presented on the market. Practice shows that the latter method is simpler and much cheaper. The most important thing in this case is as accurately as possible formulate your own requirements for future furniture.

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