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Wooden fortress. How to protect a house from moisture?

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The one who has become the owner of a new wooden house can sincerely congratulate on a wonderful, really correct acquisition: wood is not only excellent durable, but also “living” material. And the one who was interested in the wooden houses of the company Smoloff and who opted for the product of this particular company, you can congratulate: you became the owner of high -quality unique ecological housing. You can be sure: you have gained a real “breathing fortress”.

This acquisition is a worthy reason for pride and joy. And you certainly want your favorite wooden house to be preserved for a long time and delighted with warmth and comfort not only you, but in the future of your grandchildren and great -grandchildren. But the test of time even for a high -quality wooden fortress is a serious test, which it can pass only thanks to your attention, care and proper care.

As you know, the main enemy of a wooden house is the long -term exposure of moisture, which causes rot or damage to parasites and fungi elements. Therefore, protect the house from prolonged contact with water is the priority task of the homeowner.

To accomplish this task, it is extremely important to pay special attention to the roof, designed to protect your home from rain. Just check it regularly, say, in spring and autumn. It is also very important to periodically examine the roof covering for damage and defects through which melt or rainwater can enter the house. Removing moss, leaves, branches, lichens and other small debris from the roof that can retain moisture for a long time will protect the roof from the onset of decay. And, of course, do not lose sight of the possibility of roof leaks from the inside: from the side of the attic or attic.

Of course, there are roof coverings that require almost no maintenance. These are coatings made of painted iron or copper, as well as metal tiles. Sometimes only the movement of ice or snow in winter can scratch the surface of the metal. In this case, the damaged places are quite simple to paint over to avoid corrosion.

And, finally, a very important stage in the care of a wooden house is the control of the health of the drainage system from the roof. It is impossible to allow stagnation of precipitation on the roof and, moreover, their runoff along the walls. Pipes, gutters, drains – all drainage elements should be cleaned of debris and care should be taken to ensure the tightness of their connections.

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