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Work on the interior decoration of the apartment

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The work on the interior decoration of apartments is a multi -stage process consisting of a whole complex of various construction and finishing work. In general, the interior decoration of the apartment is divided into two parts: draft work and finishing.

At the initial stage, it is necessary to carry out all the rough, that is, preliminary work in order to prepare the working surfaces for finishing. Black work refers, for example, plastering walls. Moreover, the walls of any materials (from wood, brick, from concrete, etc. are covered with plaster. D.). This layer of solution additionally insulates the wall, and also makes it refractory.

In order to apply a layer of plaster mortar on the wall, you must first clean the wall well of any type of contamination, and then give it a slight roughness. If this is not done, plaster can poorly “grab” with the wall and subsequently fall off.

Plaster is a solution of cement or cement with lime. Since this solution has the ability to harden, you can’t cook it for the future (for a maximum of a couple of hours of work). After the walls are plastered, the next stage of draft work occurs – putty. At the stage of preparatory work, it is also necessary to align the ceilings (if necessary).

Sometimes walls, in addition to plaster, are sheated with sheets of plywood and fiberboard. These materials have good performance and are often used in internal work. Fine and chipboard (chipboard), unlike plywood and fiberboard, are not recommended for internal work, since they distinguish substances with toxic actions. However, it is quite safe to use such plates on the floor if it is planned to close them with a laminate.

Preparatory work should be carried out at the highest level, since the possibility of finishing will depend on this. In particular, the walls covered with plaster should be even and smooth. The floor screed should have a horizontal surface (and the cement on the floor should completely dry before the flooring is laid on it). At the preparatory level, you need to complete all the work related to the wiring, as well as plumbing (if the repair is carried out in the bathroom or in the kitchen).

After the completion of draft work, work begins on finishing, during which the walls are glued or painted, the ceiling coating is mounted, and the floor is laid.

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