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About plastic windows.

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Plastic windows are increasingly installed during construction or overhaul. There are already a lot about the pros and cons of these windows. Yes, they are hermetic, convenient, practical, etc. D. At the same time, they can provoke increased humidity, prevent natural ventilation and t. D. However, it is easy to cope with this if you regularly ventilate the room. And tightness perfectly protects from street noise and dust. But first things first.

The first plastic windows appeared in 1952. They were metal structures covered with plastic. Later they began to make them completely of plastic and strengthened with metal or wooden liners. The windows produced in the 60s had a service life of 40 years and met all the available engineering requirements. Since the production technology of plastic windows has changed many times, several types of products appeared.

In Russia, the most popular are the windows of economy and elite class. They differ significantly in price, but outwardly often look exactly the same. The cost is affected by the quantity and quality of double -glazed windows, the thickness of plastic profiles. For example, on the calculator with the site/PRICES. , A set of windows (window+window and window+balcony door) for a two -room apartment can cost 23,300 rubles.

As for components, regardless of the class profile class, it is recommended to choose them from the same manufacturer.

Now about the dangers of plastic windows. True or not?

Polyvinyl chloride, which is used to produce windows, is made of processed sodium, gas and oil chloride. PVC also includes lead, which is in large numbers harmful to humans, but manufacturers say that this element is in a bound state, which prevents its release into the atmosphere. However, recently they began to produce plastic windows without leading lead, which greatly simplifies the problem of winding windows.

Having decided to replace the old windows with plastic ones, remember that the better the profile, accessories and other components, the longer the window will last. Carefully study all the pros and cons, weigh them. Of the advantages of such windows, we note their strength, excellent sound insulation, tightness, thermal conductivity, wonderful appearance, etc. D. At the same time, as mentioned above, tightness can provoke excessive humidity. In addition, some believe that plastic windows are non -etcological.

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