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In order to choose a design option for decorating a bathroom, with a complete absence of your own imagination, you need to contact print publications or sit on the Internet by viewing photos on construction sites. Before choosing your option, it is desirable to see several options that are most fully suitable for the bathroom configuration and the taste of the owner. Moreover, the chic and the apparent high cost of the photo should not scare the photograph. It is necessary to choose the designer solution, and then select the material, for its execution, guided by your own material situation.

When choosing materials for decorating a bathroom, remember one immutable truth: to make a cardinal repair of the bathroom is far from the same as making cosmetics in the room. And therefore, choosing the material, it is better to spend a little more than then look at ugly, but cheap walls for another ten years. In general, it is better to purchase such a responsible material as a tile with a specialist who is well versed in this. And better with the one that this tile will then lay out.

When choosing a tile, some recommendations of specialists must be taken into account. For walls, you need to choose warm colors, these are all shades of red, yellow and green, as well as their derivatives. The use of flowers such as blue or blue will make the bathroom more cold. Of course, the final choice of color is the business of the owner, but you should also listen to the advice of a specialist. In extreme cases, colors can be combined.

If the dimensions of the bathroom allow, you can move away from the generally accepted built-in lamps and hang a chandelier, and a large mirror on the wall. The main requirement for any innovation is that it harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the bathroom interior.

White has always been considered a classic color for decorating a bathroom, and, more recently, black has also been considered a classic. If the bathroom is large enough, and even has a window, then these two colors will look great without a doubt.

However, laying the entire bathroom is not necessary at all. Looks great combinations in which tiles and wood are involved. You can combine decorative plaster and acrylic application using a stencil. With the modern variety of materials, you just need to release your imagination to freedom and obediently follow it.

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