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Buying an apartment: drawing up a contract

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The acquisition of an apartment or home is a joyful event for any family, when a happy, independent and independent life in their own cozy nest. But, of course, at the stage of execution of the purchase transaction, you should be careful and careful so that the dreams still come true and nothing can interfere with their embodiment. So, how the buyer should behave in order to avoid problems, our article is devoted to this.

Even when purchasing real estate on Rublevo-Uspensky Highway, it will not be superfluous to make sure that all residents are discharged before the transaction. Because if, having received money, the seller is in no hurry to write out, you will have to go to court with a lawsuit in order to eliminate possible obstacles to using your property. You can stipulate the conditions with the seller, for example, you are underpaying him some amount until he withdraws from registration at the apartment. Or indicate in a separate clause in the contract, in what period the seller is obliged to do this.

Before buying an apartment, carefully study the technical passport and compliance of all walls, especially the load -bearing, partitions and niches of what is available in the technical passport.

Unfortunately, cases have become more frequent when several buyers sell the same area at the same time using duplicates of documents. Remember, the duplicate should contain the full text, as in the original. There should be a note that this document has the strength of the original. On the documents stored at the notary, a note should be made that a duplicate is issued. And the last, duplicate should be registered in a single register.

Do not make a purchase and sale transaction by proxy. And if you have no other choice, meet the trial with the principal, check his documents. If the principal died, and you are shown another person, such a deal will subsequently be declared invalid.

Especially if you purchase elite real estate, check the registration certificate of the notary so that the following data is indicated: the notarial district and the address at which the notary is located (a copy of the certificate should hang in a prominent place). Do not be too lazy to check whether the name of the notary is present in the list, which is located on the website of the Office of Justice of the corresponding region.

All documents must be executed before the transaction is concluded. Any proposals that some document will be “dedicated” after the transaction should be suspicious of you.

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