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Buying an apartment in Novostroy

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The apartment in the new house is unlikely to be compared with the housing of the secondary market. Yes, she is still uninhabited, uncomfortable, but how nice it is to enter the house where no one lived before you! Strong walls, the lack of small problems with plumbing and windows, everything is perfectly clean and perfectly functioning – all this is comparable to the beginning of a new life. But how to choose an apartment in a new building?

It is worth remembering that even new houses sometimes give up with violations, and, sometimes, there are cases when the house in the first two years gives a strong shrinkage, goes cracks and turns into an emergency building. Based on this, the main criterion when choosing is the reputation of a construction company. If the company has long been in the market and has no scandalous situations in its history, then it can be trusted. Typically, large companies value a reputation and think through equally deeply, both the foundation and bearing structures, and small details, for example, stainless steel railing or window frames.

The location of the house and the project itself also play a large role. Today, for example, there is a large shortage of free area in cities, which is why they build at home very close to each other. Naturally, when the windows rest against a neighboring house, this does not bode well, as in terms of clean air, which will be contaminated with the machines heated below, and in terms of light and comfort in the apartment. Be sure to try to find out whether other houses will be built nearby or not. The ideal option is when the windows overlook the park, lake or river – not only is the view beautiful, but also the risk of development is minimal.

The layout of the house is selected in accordance with the tastes of the future owners of the apartment. The apartment with a free layout is very popular, where partitions can be built independently when decorating the room. However, the most in demand by apartments with standard layout, with already ready walls, are in demand. By the way, the layout of the house itself is also important, and attention should be paid to small details. For example, stairs can be safe for children and have a beautiful appearance, and the garbage chute is located in a remote place of the floor. The location of the elevator also plays a role, since it will publish a noise that interferes at night. Naturally, in old serial houses all these little things are taken into account, but in new projects they can be unfinished. Therefore, when choosing, one must be very attentive to the little things, because even the car is chosen very long, what can we say about the apartment, where it is planned to live for many decades.

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