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Chemical washing of curtains, breeding spots, dirt, dust

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Each person had to face the problem of pollution of the curtains. To clean them in a specialized company, many are encouraged by an unsuccessful experience, which included ordinary washing, which entailed damage to the product. At the moment, there are such volumetric models that simply do not fit in a household washing machine. For them the only way to update – This is a professional dry cleaning. When choosing a company, it is worth paying attention to the types of services provided. Firms in which dry cleaning at home is the only direction are largely inferior to competitors using an integrated approach. In addition, there are such types of pollution that can only be deduced in specially created conditions at the factory. The dry cleaning of the curtains on weight (at home or in the office) has many advantages, but if necessary, there are cases that we need a better approach and cleaning of the pollution that should be carried out at the factory.

Chemical cleaning without removing the cornices by weight

Services provided on the spot are a simplified version of updating the material. This is very convenient in cases where pollution is of an insignificant character. As a rule, processing «Aweigh» involves steam processing with chemical compositions that can cause allergic reactions in residents. Therefore, during the work you can not be in the room, and after completion, carefully ventilate the room. In addition, the release of non -aromatic hydrocarbons can cause headache, nausea and dizziness. The use of hydrocarbon solvents with an unprofessional approach can lead to ignition of tissue, so it is seriously the choice of the company.

Washing with strong pollution

Chemical processing or washing of curtains at the factory helps to achieve the maximum possible result, and the manufacturers themselves suggest this type of cleaning. All equipment is computerized, which allows you to delicate cleaning, preserving the initial qualities of fabric. With severe pollution, the material is treated with chemical compounds, and only then washed, which gives 100% result. In addition, chemical processing at the factory helps to restore the initial brightness of the color, which can not be said about similar work at home. The services of our company include dry cleaning of furniture at home.

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