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Choose a suitable pump for a future well

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Basically, all country houses are not connected to a common water utility. Owners believe that the easiest way is to build their own well. And it is right. Today we would like to discuss the criteria for the correct choice of the Gonasos pump for a well, because a constant uninterrupted water supply of a country and private house will depend on this.

Criterias of choice

The depth of the well. Typically, such parameters are spelled out in the equipment passport. If this is not, then you can take measurements in an independent order. Take a rope with a load and simply lower it into a built well. By the length of the dry part, you will determine the specific distance to the water source. The rest of the rope is the height of the so -called water column.

The need for water. The most important parameter. You must decide how much water your home will consume. Use the average statistics. One person essentially consumes about 200 liters of water, respectively, for a family of several people you will need a pump for a future well, which has a speed of 40 liters per minute. Of course, you can choose a suitable pump and more powerful.

Pressure. According to generally accepted concepts, this indicator is calculated as follows: the depth of your well is 45 meters. In this case, the height of the water column will be approximately 75 meters. Usually this parameter is increased by about 10%. It turns out about 83 meters. This is an approximate pressure that your pump should have. In this case, we recommend choosing equipment where the presented indicator will be 90 meters.

The diameter of the well. The choice of the pump in terms of power depends on this parameter. By the way, the easiest way is to build a well, the total diameter of which will be 4 inches. We remind you that in one inch 2.54 cm.

Choose a pump for a well

There are several types of pumps: submersible and superficial. The second models are not recommended for wells at all, although they are able to work as a pump at small depths. Today, the most popular variety is a submersible centrifugal pump.

As you see for yourself, there are plenty of criteria for choosing a well for a well. Each parameter is important in its own way, so you should take the choice of a well for a well with complete seriousness. The pressure of water supply in the house will depend on the choice of equipment. Many make mistakes, but we tried to highlight the main criteria and calculations for you, observing which you can choose a suitable pump for a future well.

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